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Veterans Memorial Bridge opens Saturday, December 21 at 7 a.m.

Veterans Memorial Bridge Opens News Release

December 2013:

The scheduled activities for the month of December include:

  • Bridge will open to traffic in December.
  • Install remaining roadway signs on the project.
  • Continue to install landscaping in swales and median on west end of the project.
  • Continue constructing welcome signs for Palm City and the City of Stuart.
  • Install fiber optic cable for interconnect from Mapp Road to Kanner Highway.
  • Install aluminum railing on the bridge.
  • Continue to paint the bridge and MSE wall.


Welcome to the design/build phase of the Indian Street Bridge Project.

Within these pages, you can learn about the process and obtain project information. Visit us again for more project updates!

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project involves providing a new bridge crossing of the South Fork of the St. Lucie River in Martin County, to connect Palm City with the City of Stuart. The limits of this project begin on Martin County Highway west of Mapp Road and extend east of Kanner Highway State Road 76 on Indian Street. The corridor uses existing roadways as a footprint for the new alignment, by following C.R. 714 (Martin Highway) to the intersection with Mapp Road, then continuing along SW 36th Street to the River. On the east bank, the corridor picks up again at the Indian Street intersection with S.R. 76 (Kanner Highway) and proceeds east along Indian Street, ending before Willoughby Boulevard. The ultimate crossing would serve as an alternate to S.R. 714 and the Palm City Bridge. The total distance of the project is approximately two miles with the bridge being approximately 3,069 feet. The roadway includes the transition and widening / reconstruction of the two lane rural roadway to a 4 lane divided urban roadway. There are designated bike lanes and 8’ wide sidewalks.

ty Bridge.

View project files from the Public Hearing on March 13, 2013.

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Haunch Beam Presentation

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